Manuscript contributions are currently invited from faculty members, undergraduate students, postgraduate students, academicians, researchers, private institutions and industrial practices who would like to use MIJ to present and discuss their research. 

General guidelines

Each manuscript should be no more than 16 pages in length inclusive of tables, figures, illustrations and references. The journal welcomes submissions written in either English or Bahasa Melayu. General guidelines for the manuscript are as the following: 


  1. Make sure to put all the authors affiliation with  the organization email (gmail, yahoo is not allowed).

  2. Well written abstract (clear problem statement, objective/contribution, brief methodology, finding).

  3. Clear and concise introduction (should start with a general overview, make sure no figures, tables and equations in the introduction, research gap, present the objectives/contribution).

  4. Clear methodology explanation

               - Make sure all figures and tables are clear and referred in text before the tables/figures.

               - Make sure all the figures, tables  are explained.

                -All figures and tables must have their caption, avoid figures from Internet although with citation

                -Numbering is correctly arranged.

                -Equations must be centered and numbered.

  5. Results and Discussion

                -Make sure figures and tables explain the results accordingly.

 6.  Each paper must has an acknowledgement section

7.   References:

                 -Make sure they are updated (at least 70% of references)

                 -All references adhered the IEEE format.

                 -All references are cited. Or cited references are in the reference list

                 -Make sure each reference has the important information (year, page number, volume of journal)  and accurate.

                 -Thesis or Dissertation WEBSITES are not allowed as one of the references.

8.  Here is the journal template

Submission of manuscript

All submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by our designated reviewers. We will provide feedback on your manuscript within 4 weeks for your undertaking before it is ready to be published. Submission of manuscript is through the MIJ submission system at

Copyright statement

After final editing, please fill in the declaration form.

Important Date 

MIJ is an annual publication. The timeline for every year publication is as the following: 

End date of  submission: 30 Mac 

Acceptance : 15 May or earlier

Publish : 1 July   


MIJ uses turnitin software ( in which the university subscribes to in order to detect plagiarism. Similarity index of 25% and less is acceptable.

Quality of the manuscripts is an important principle of MIJ. We really appreciate the commitment of authors in helping MIJ to reach the high standard of publication.  Please read and follow the publication ethics ( Thank you.